10 roles for your growing group

people standing in a line in front of a shed smiling at the camera"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders" ~ Tom Peters 

Giving specific roles to your group members is a great way to ensure everyone remains enthusiastic about your growing project, knows what they're meant to be doing and actually does it! Here are ten ideas for roles you could assign to the members of your growing group, no matter how big or small your project or space is...

1. Garden designer

Someone in your group may have grand plans for the space you’re going to transform. If that’s the case then give them the responsibility of ‘designing’ where the seeds should be sown, and which types of seed should be sown where. Some are better for shady spaces, others for being close to passers-by. If they’re particularly keen, they may want to lay paths or leave aside spaces for other types of plants to be included.

2. Event organiser

There are going to be some key moments, or ‘events’ during your project: clearing the space ready for sowing, sowing the seeds, weeding, and hopefully a celebration event towards the end of summer. If there are one or more people in your group that love organising events and are great at encouraging people to attend, then give them the responsibility of corralling people over the course of the next few months, especially if it’s not one of your strengths! 

3. Food and drink

One of the best ways to lure people to a project is to promise refreshment. Biscuits and squash are easier to arrange, hot drinks and cake take a little more preparation. If you have one or more people in your group that love feeding people, then encourage them to arrange food and drink for any gatherings you have. Remind them to work with the event organiser(s) as well, so they don’t end up doubling up their efforts.

People enjoying cake at a Grow Wild event

4. Official photographer 

Everyone’s a photographer these days with smartphones having high-quality cameras as standard. However, some people in your group may be particularly keen photographers, in which case give them the responsibility of capturing the experiences of your transformation project. Please do not email Grow Wild your photos, as we are not then able to share them. It’s far better to post them online, where others can enjoy them. And keep an eye out for an announcement in your inbox about the Grow Wild photography competition later in the year!

5. Social media manager

This role has a lot of crossover with the photographer, and you may get a lot of volunteers depending on how active your group members are on social media. Encourage people to share their experiences and photos on their own social media feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and maybe even their own blog! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #GrowWild

There are also dedicated Facebook groups for people taking part in Grow Wild! 

6. Health & safety officer

Some people really enjoy keeping people safe. If your natural instincts do not sit naturally in this category and there’s someone in your group who would enjoy the responsibility, then pass this over! 

7. Fun and games

If you know someone who is able to make anything into a game, then why not give them the chance to inject fun into the sowing and growing experience. Once seeds have been sown, things can get a bit quiet. Help keep your group engaged with ideas around looking out for the first seedlings, holding weeding and watering hours, creative activities and other things that we can’t think of but your fun and games person might!

a man playing rounders at a Grow Wild event
8. Learning and education

You learn something new every day. And for people who don’t know much about nature and growing things, the experience of taking part in your seed kit group might provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the wonder of plants. If you have one or more people in your group that have the passion and skill to pass on knowledge then give them the responsibility of helping turn your transformation project into a learning opportunity. Hopefully a fun one though!

9. Looking out for your space

We hope that a community working together on a growing space will encourage a sense of pride in it. However there is always the risk that seeds and plants could be disturbed or litter dropped. Ideally everyone in your group will want to keep an eye out for the welfare of your space, however, you could give someone a clearer role to ensure it’s in safe hands.

10. Seed collector

This is one for later in the year when your wildflower blooms have faded. Someone might want to be responsible for finding out when and how to gather the seeds and also showing others in the group what to do. They could even team up with the event organiser and plan a seed saving party.