Kew’s Grow Wild team is committed to making accessible to people of all abilities and disabilities. This website has been designed to conform to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Below is a summary of the key accessibility features offered and how these help you access the content on this website.

The different ways to access this website

The content on the Grow Wild website can be presented so you can navigate through, find and view content in a way that is accessible to you. Regardless of how you access the site, information will be presented to you without any loss of content structure, functionality or meaning. You can access the website in the ways listed below.

Using assistive technologies

You can use assistive technologies, including screen readers like JAWS and Browsealoud, in a clear and logical way that is easy for you to understand.

Accessing functionality by keyboard

You can use your keyboard for global and local navigation. For instance, tabbing visually highlights the focused section on the page, and follows logical tabbing (going from top left to bottom right. You can also use the back button/cancel button to change entries on forms.

Adjusting text sizes, colours and layout

Users can change the look and feel of the site by adjusting the text size, colours or switching to a more simple layout.

Accessing non-text content

Whenever possible, we offer text alternatives for non-text content so it can be changed into other forms such as large print, braille, and speech.

This is to help people who have problems seeing text or video. All images have an alt-tag so users can read a description of an image or a video. We also provide transcripts for any video or audio produced by Kew and published on this site.

Whenever possible, we ask users to make the content they upload accessible, for example by prompting them to add a description to any images or videos they upload.

Accessibility user-generated content (UGC)

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide text alternatives for any of the UGC on this site such as video. If you need help accessing UGC content, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Accessible design and content structure

The website does not just use colour as the only way to convey information, show an action, prompt a response, or distinguish a visual element. We have also made it easier for users to separate the foreground from the background and change colours. The Grow Wild website is also designed in a way that is known to not cause seizures.

Other ways the Grow Wild website is understandable

We follow the principles set out in WCAG 2.0 Guidelines that content is readable and understandable. This means we ensure all content is written in a clear and simple way, avoid using jargon, and break up the content into short and easy-to-read sections. We do this by using lots of meaningful headlines, short sentences and bullet point lists. We also provide descriptive link titles, headings and labels.

Tell us what you think

We want the Grow Wild website to provide you with content and a content structure that is clear and easy to understand. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this site more accessible, please email

January 2014