Bee Garden

Sunny Hassan is the newest member of the Grow Wild team and is our guest blogger for our Grow For It Youth Project Showcase.  He will be posting regular updates from the Grow For It network full of inspiring, wild ideas and great community stories told by young people, for young people. 

What's the project about?

Haven’t you heard? The bees are slowly disappearing from our countryside. Worry not! Cordwainers Grow, a Hackney based community interest company have been on the case with their recent work at the Bee Garden in Dalston.

The Grow for it! funding allowed them to develop the planting at the site to include a range of native plants and wildflowers that create forage and habitat for urban wildlife. This also means that young people can visit the space to learn about greenery and wildflowers. A great way to educate younger generations about the importance of native plants and wildflowers but also the major impact of bees in the environment. After all, it’s always fun to learn outside a classroom!

What have they been up to lately?

Cordwainers Grow aimed to engage people with their event “Wander with Wildflowers” where people of all ages and walks of life were able to take part in activities such as making cyanotypes, sowing wildflowers, face painting, arts and crafts and more! Tracy who was at the event said: “I enjoyed learning about the plants and received some great tips on the arts and crafts activity for future business ideas.”

The event was well received and word quickly spread around local residents who added to an impressive turnout due to the group’s excellent work with local organisations and charities.

“It was nice to see everyone engaged with what was  going on - whether it was making a cyanotype, doing a bit of planting or looking at the artwork.”
                — Hansika who helped organise the event

The Bee Garden is situated in a section of an old car park where the group worked tirelessly during the winter to make the space easily accessible. Now the garden is looking a lot more inviting and open where people can come together to learn about wild flowers and it’s a safe place to bring their children.


“In a built up area like Dalston, it’s great to see communities working together to help create more green areas for everyone to enjoy!”
                — Nat from Cordwainers Grow

On top of all of this great work, the Bee Garden is also home to the Hackney Herbal project where they grow and sell herbal tea to raise funds for mental health initiatives in Hackney!

What are their plans for the future?

The group hope to continue developing their Bee Garden by improving it on a regular basis.  During the coming autumn, they hope to have another wild flower seed sowing session. 

Alongside this they will raise awareness for the Bee Garden as an educational classroom by working with other local groups in the area.

We know that one thing is for certain, their work is definitely the “bee’s knees”!

To find out more about Cordwainers Grow, including how you can get involved, check out their website or send them a tweet @CordwainersGrow.

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