A Birds Eye View of The Cornfield Project Site

Grow Wild Content Editor Alice Carder visited Coleraine to meet the team behind the Northern Ireland flagship site, The Cornfield Project, and hear how plans are shaping up for a dramatic wild flower transformation...

A beautiful rainbow greeted us as we flew into Belfast, a sight I was to learn is common place in Northern Ireland. A short drive later we arrived at The Cornfield Project, the brand new Grow Wild flagship site in Coleraine. 

Billy, the project’s deputy lead, delighted in giving me a guided tour, his enthusiasm for the project palpable as he walked and talked me through the plans.  Allotments, a sensory walk, an outdoor classroom and a hangout space for young people in the woods. ‘One day we might even get a go-kart track,’ he laughed. 

Billy showed me his first ever vision board he’d created for the site years previous, when he first began to manifest his dream of transforming the space into an area that could be shared by all. 

Above it hung the quote ‘Some men see things as they are, and say, 'Why?' I dream of things that never were, and say, 'Why not?’ Very fitting for the team behind The Cornfield Project! 

I'll be back in Coleraine soon reporting on the flagship as it begins to take shape, but for now, check out this drone footage of the entire site! 

Click HERE to find out more about The Cornfield Project! 

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