Bring a little green to a grey workplace

man sowing seeds into planter with red fire engine in the background
"We paved paradise," sang Joni Mitchell nearly 50 years ago and, while most workplaces might not qualify as heavenly, there's still an awful lot of concrete around.

I've been working in London for over 10 years, and being based at Kew Gardens means that for the first time ever I cannot wait to wander into and around my office. I never had that feeling in Kings Cross or Farringdon!

Simply being around plants: their faint and varied smell on the air as I walk past, watching as certain plants grow and bloom over the course of a month, finding a smile on my face for no apparent reason, I know that it is having a positive effect on my wellbeing, even during these cold winter months.

Of course, a few pots filled with wildflowers is a world away from 330 acres of professionally landscaped garden! But surely it's better than nothing? 

That's where Grow Wild wants to make a difference: we're inviting people to come together to transform an urban or unloved space using UK native wildflowers, including the swathes of concrete that characterise our cities and towns across the UK.

There’s also the added benefits to doing a project like this. Bringing people together, getting active and growing as a group, giving back as a team: all of these things can improve health and wellbeing. And creating pockets of wild beauty around the place can contribute to your colleagues’ wellbeing too, as well as their appreciation of nature. As I can testify.

Wildflowers are easier to grow than many other plants and they’re perfect for spaces where the soil may not be in the best shape. They can also be planted in containers, if there isn't scrubby soil available.

If you have been inspired to sow and grow wildflowers this Spring, find out where to get seeds here.

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