Green Growers

Sunny Hassan is the newest member of the Grow Wild team and is our guest blogger for our Grow For It Youth Project Showcase.  He will be posting regular updates from the Grow For It network full of inspiring, wild ideas and great community stories told by young people, for young people. 

What's the project about?

Pupils by day, expert ecologists and gardeners by night!

Students from the Eco Club of Grove Academy in Dundee, Scotland have created a group called the "Green Growers".  Working tirelessly and as a team to battle the unwanted weeds and promote the use of native wildflowers in their community, no job is too big for these heroes.

Green Growers, assemble!

What have they been up to lately?

Their first mission was to use their Grow For It funding in order to transform the piece of land in Broughty Ferry's Shiell Street. The land was almost lifeless but after all their immense hard work and with the help of the community, it is getting more inviting and thoroughly pleasing!

The Green Growers were able to plant some native wild flowers, as they were keen to attract mini beasts such as butterflies, ladybirds and bees to the space! 

The young ecologists were able to go one step further by putting a bench in the space so that people could sit and enjoy the nature. This helped to make the space look a lot better for the public and become more inviting for the residents in the area.

Not only were they able to work amazingly as a team, they invited local nursery children and were able to create bug hotels, as well toad abodes, and decorative pots for their site. Talk about inspiring their community!

What are their plans for the future?

Surely that’s all to their project? Well, you’re mistaken because these young superheroes are a force to be reckoned with and are always finding a way to improve on their project and community.

They are currently planning how they could improve their site and make it even better. They are in the progress of making a path so that people will be able to walk through the area and experience the wild garden.

Is there anything that these heroes can’t tackle? I wouldn’t be surprised if they successfully solve global warming.

To find out more about Green Growers, including how you can get involved, check out their awesome website or send them a tweet @ShiellStGarden

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