Grow Wild community project spotlight 2015

Dr Aileen McLeod, environment minister for Scotland made a welcome appearance at Wild Flowers and Water Voles Grow Wild project in Easterhouse, as she launched Scotland’s biodiversity route map to 2020. 

Young people from Lochend High School led Dr. McLeod on a tour of their Grow Wild-funded project, which aims to revamp a derelict space on the perimeter to the Seven Lochs Wetland Park project. 

In this densely urban area that has one of the UK’s highest concentrations of water voles, the students cleared litter and created some stimulating wild flower areas, with input from Seven Lochs’ volunteers and Glasgow City Council.

With activities from RSPB Glasgow and a visit from water vole researcher Robyn Stewart of Glasgow University, Dr McLeod’s visit was a great opportunity for lead partners from the school and GCV Green Network  to shine a light on Lochend’s project and boost knowledge of this extra-special population of water voles.

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