Grow Wilders speak up on why they love bees

White tailed bumblebee on out-of-focus red flower

It’s hardly surprising that all you lovely lot, who have a long-standing track record for caring about nature, are huge fans of bees – after all, you tell us all the time on social media just how happy spotting the stripy guys in your gardens and green spaces makes you!

We wanted to explore just why Grow Wilders’ relationships with these special pollinators are so meaningful, so we asked for the buzz on why you love bees on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What follows were just some of the responses - and we'd like to offer a massive and green-fingered 'thank you' to everyone who took part!

Common carder bee on purple flower

Kazia, via Facebook Bee -cause what they give the planet and us is far more then we give them.

Carrie, via Facebook I like bees bee-cause they are bee-autiful creatures who work hard to sustain life. And they help the spread of pretty flowers!

@589you Because they’ve made our wildflower garden their home, allow us to connect in a much deeper way with nature and help us to understand the importance of developing healthy ecosystems.

Helen, via Facebook They are bee-autiful and do so much for us and ask nothing in return. The least we can do is give them a helping hand.

Mining bee on leaf

@cullaballo I love watching the bees on my lavender whilst having a drink, I find it peaceful watching them. I worry when there’s barely any flowers in my garden if they’ll be okay and I wonder where they are in spring when my garden is waiting for them!

Margaret, via Facebook I love bees bee-cause these wonderful little fellas go about their daily lives merrily buzzing, collecting nectar and pollinating our food sources, without any thought for payment or redress.

@mecspear Because they are bee-e-a-utiful beasties!

@tashfaiers I love bees because many years ago I lived in a very built up overcrowded location and my garden was not really a garden - it was full of builders’ rubble. I planted up a small arbor and windows boxes and suddenly we noticed the bees. They nested in our loft space and when we moved home several miles away they followed us! Throughout my personal life, I’ve loved to use them as a source of inspiration.

Red tailed bumblebee on yellow flower, covered in pollen.

Karen, via Facebook I love bees as they make lovely honey. My husband is a bee keeper and I find the whole process so interesting!

Rowena, via Facebook I’ve got window boxes for the first time and am enjoying watching the bees coming and going... and they all seem to have their favourite flowers! I feel like I’m ‘doing my bit’ now and it’s making me happy.

@dustymears They're beautiful, fascinating little creatures. I'm quite allergic to their stings but still love to watch them work

Lesley, via Facebook They are the heroes of the planet - so many species depend on their work as pollinators. They paint the world in rainbow colours as they make flowers flourish.

Honeybee on devil's bit scabious.

If you want to find out how you can help bees and other pollinators, we’ve got the goss straight from an expert in the field! Alternatively, find out more about solitary bees or other amazing UK pollinators with these blogposts.