Knit yourself a Grow Wild bicycle seat cover

We commissioned the very crafty Candy Amsden, to knit a bike seat cover especially for us. And you can make your very own. 

Grow Wild bicycle seat cover
To fit a standard saddle size

Difficulty level: basic grasp of knitting required


DK: double knit yarn
K: knit
P: purl
Sts: stitches
N’s: needles
inc: increase
dec: decrease
R: row 


Lana Gatto pure wool DK, 50g (£2.95 per ball, Yeoman Yarns)

Two balls, Jet no 35
One ball, White no 1
One ball, Russet no 23


One pair no 11 needles/3mm, 35cm long
One blunt-ended sewing needle
One sharp-ended sewing needle
One metre of black elastic, 1.5cm wide
Safety pins
Black sewing thread
Knitting needle row counter


It’s important to get this correct! Using no 11/3mm needles cast on a tension square of 30sts and knit and purl 30 rows (stocking stitch). Wash and press lightly. It should measure 2.7 sts = 1 cm and 3.7 rows = 1 cm. You may need to use larger or smaller needles to achieve the correct size.


Leaving a long end, cast on 20 sts. Curl up this end and fix with a safety pin.

R1: knit to end, turn work and cast on 5 sts.

R2: purl to end turn work and cast on 5sts (30sts).

Repeat these two rows until 50sts.

Still using knit and purl rows, continue to increase as per chart to row 30 (86sts).

Commence colours at R38.

Twist colours around each other every 2 sts at the back of the work over intarsia sections.

K and P to row 135. 

Cast off. 

Break yarn leaving and end to sew up with.

Measure your elastic at 42cms, turn over a hem 2cm wide and hem down leaving a small space to thread through elastic.

Using a safety pin thread elastic through hem and join two ends with a safety pin. Check for fit on your bicycle seat using a longer or shorter piece of elastic if needed. Sew ends of elastic together.

Finish hem and sew in ends of yarn. 

Optional; sew sides of bicycle seat together for 5cms to fit around pointed end of saddle.

Laundry care: hand wash only - do not tumble dry

How to knit a bicycle seat cover