This Merseyside youth club is now a haven for nature

Our youth reporter Sunny Hassan visited Westvale Wild Garden in Knowsley to see what the young people there have created. 

What's the project about?

The Westvale Wild Garden is a fantastic youth project that has helped to raise awareness about wildflowers and plants and also transformed a run-down area of the youth centre into something much more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. The young people I met said the project not only gave them a chance to be creative and come up with interesting ideas, but it also gave them a way to take their mind off their problems and they found it therapeutic.

The young people cleaned and weeded the area and also created a wall tree mural with handprint leaves. One of the young people noted that this was their favourite part of the wild garden as it literally meant they had “made their mark”.

The youth group at Knowsley Youth Mutual had the original idea to transform what was the bin storage at the back of their youth centre and so, the idea for the Westvale Wild Garden was born! With their exceptional team work and extensive research, the young people were able to easily turn their idea into reality.

With their funding, the young people were able to raise awareness about the importance of wild flowers and plants by transforming a space in an innovative way.

One of the young people I spoke to at the project was eager to give some tips to others who may wish to ‘Transform a Space’:

“Make sure you get as much research done as possible, knowledge can really help speed up the process but also helps make sure that the whole thing is done right”

What are their plans for the future?

It was great to see how well the young people at the project worked together, but more importantly how much positivity they had to share when it came to talking about their wild space. They hope to extend the area further and also create future sessions with local schools and community groups that can visit, helping to strengthen links with the surrounding community.