Our 2019 Autumn sowers get started

Patch of soil with handmade sign saying Please do not cut the grass wildflowers growingSign at the Bee friendly village of Caister-on-Sea

This Autumn we were thrilled to work with Jo Malone London to provide people across the UK with a chance to grow wildflowers and learn why they’re so important to the environment.

Sowing wildflower seeds in Autumn mimics the cycle of the natural world: when seeds fall to the ground at the end of Summer. The seeds start to germinate and then go dormant waiting for Spring and the warmer weather to arrive to carry on growing.

Tweet by GrennanSpencer thanking grow wild for seeds

From people sowing in containers at home to using their seeds in more public spaces, it’s been great hearing about their plans.

Group of people actively planting and clearing plants along a fieldVolunteers at Bolster CIC sowing their seeds

"We run Bodster CIC on the Isle of Wight and with our ‘Short Breaks’ group of children we have sow our Grow Wild wildflower seeds and we have tended the soil and can't wait to see what comes up in the spring. We really appreciate Grow Wild's support and it's good to see the children learning about how to plant things." Jo

Tweet from @KarenDouglas_NI expressing excitement about her seeds

“I scattered the seed on warm, damp earth in early October in the meadow clearing of our woodland along with some betony seen I gathered from my parent's home the month before. It felt ceremonial as it was my last day there until spring….The woodland is at the beginning stages of becoming an outdoor education centre for young people to learn about ecology and growing food. I hope the flowers can be enjoyed by many for years to come.” Tilly

Tweet from mcshug78 sharing excitement about seeds and rewilding scotland

Tweet from HuddersExplorer looking forward to sowing seeds and next summer

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