Spring nature quest - thank you!

Cast your mind back to March, remember the snow, remember the cold? Remember how unimaginable it was that trees might grow leaves and that plants might spring from the ground?!

None the less we invited you on a Nature Quest! We encouraged you to look out for signs of Spring in the leaves unfurling on ash, oak and silver birch trees; and in the flowers of bluebells, garlic mustard and oxeye daisies.

Now, as we’re surrounded by swathes of oxeye daisies and other wonderful wildflowers, we can barely remember how worried we were that these flowers might not show!

Oxeye daisies and poppies

Lots of you shared photos with us, and our engagement team across the UK were on the lookout too:

Spring was slow to arrive in Glasgow but Sinead, our Scotland Engagement Manager saw this beautiful silver birch tree in April, and in Leeds Ben, our North England Engagement Manager, found garlic mustard flowers on his lunch break in early May.

Oak before ash, in for a splash?

English oak leaves

It’s said that the arrival of oak and ash tree leaves can predict what weather we’re going to be in for over the Summer, oak before ash, in for a splash, ash before oak in for a soak, and this year it was a close-run thing. The Woodland Trust let us know that the 27th April was the average date of first leaves on oak trees and the 29th of April was the average date for first ash tree leaves.

It looks like this sunny summer is set to continue!

What’s next?

Woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar isn’t just about spotting signs of Spring, they look out for nature all year round and with most of the Spring records done and dusted, now it’s time to look for fruits!

Keep on the lookout for the first ripe blackberries and record them on Nature’s Calendar (or eat them all!)

And, we hate to say it, but the first Autumn tints of leaves on silver birch trees won’t be far behind…

Thank you to everyone for sharing wonderful photos throughout Spring, we’ve really enjoyed seeing what grows across the UK.

Please continue to share your photos of wildflowers and fungi across the UK using #GrowWild and #NatureQuest.