Time-lapse film shows Grow Wild flagship projects transformed!

Thousands of Grow Wilder’s have been hard at work at out four flagship sites, transforming huge areas of disused land, including a roadside in Manchester, Everton Park in Liverpool, an old sewage works in Scotland, a former steel works in Wales and a patch of land between two housing estates in Northern Ireland.

Thanks to you these areas have gone from no-go zones to must go ones! So far 150,000 square meters of previously disused land has been transformed at our flagship sites through the power of community spirit, a positive drive towards change, many hands and many hours. They’re now brimming with wildlife, native flowers and plants and have brought colour and so much more to the communities who live around them.

Grow Wilders have told us the flagship project in their area “brings people together from different backgrounds, different beliefs” and that “it’s a way of showing people this is what we can do if we work together.”

And show us you have! Just look at this stunning time-lapse video, filmed across the four flagship projects in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland over the last year:

Grow Wilders, you've done us proud. 

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