Chief Executive of Fungus Growing

Woman in a suit and glasses with her arms folded next to the words Chief Executive of Fungus Growing

Job title: Chief Executive of Fungus Growing

Department: C-Suite

Reports to: No-one

Job summary

As the Chief Executive your job is to get this project going and keep it on track. You need to recruit your team and make sure they’re clear on their responsibilities. You must marshal your resources and keep everyone enthused and engaged.

You also need to have the end game in mind: if you and your team are successful, you will have around 20g of edible oyster mushroom to eat. How will you ensure that everyone enjoys the fruits of their labour?

Duties & responsibilities

  • Recruit your team and induct them in their roles.
  • Plan out the project; there’s a handy wall-planner available.
  • Take charge of Health & Safety; make sure if you’re in a communal space that other people are aware of what you and your team are undertaking.
  • Keep everyone updated and on track, especially during the slower times as the mycelium develops.
  • Consider the end game: plan which recipe you will be using such that there’s enough for everyone. 
  • Dispose of the box, fungal mycelium and straw responsibly at the end of the challenge.

The science bit

Your job is the least scientific of all the roles. However in science, as well as so many other areas of work, excellent project management is required.

In the wild

Your strategic role most closely resembles the natural impetus of fungi to survive and thrive. The essential lifecycle of a fungus looks like this:

Lifecycle of a fungus - Spores to Germination to Mycelium to Primordia to Fruiting Body

Fungal spores drift on the wind and if they land in a damp place that is rich in nutrients they will germinate and grow into a mycelium. By leading this challenge, you are providing a safe and nutrient-rich environment for your fungal mycelium to grow and develop its fruit.

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