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After an exciting campaign that attracted over 65,000 votes Tale of Two Cities, a joint bid by Liverpool and Manchester, became the Grow Wild England flagship. 

Landlife, a charity based at the National Wildflower Centre at Court Hey Park, partnered with Manchester City Council, the National Trust and Friends of Everton Park and together used the £120,000 flagship award to transform prominent spaces into wild flower celebrations to connect the two historically-divided cities. 

In Liverpool, derelict and paved areas of Everton Park have been transformed with inspiring wild flower displays, some marking where the streets of a long since demolished housing estate used to stand. 

Tale of two cities Liverpool before shot
An after shot of Everton park post development
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Princess Road in Manchester looks just as charming thanks to a fantastic effort from the community. Beautiful wild flower landscapes were created along Princess Road and its linked surroundings. It is seen and enjoyed by 100,000 passers-by daily! Tale of Two Cities also recieved £15,000 in 2016 for continued activities with local people, especially focusing on those aged 12 to 25. The site has become a national example for how people and partner organisations can turn spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wildlife havens.
Tale of two cities Manchester before shot
Tale of Two Cities
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Tale of Two Cities has come along leaps and bounds. Catch-up on all the activities from the Dig the City parade in Manchester to the Everton Park launch in Liverpool.


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