Grow Wild kit registration - Terms and Conditions

Grow Wild kits are:

  1. Only available to 'Group Leaders' in the UK. Registrations from outside of the UK will not be considered. 
  2. Available free on a first-come, first-served basis to Group Leaders who register on behalf of their group/s with ‘Grow Wild’, a campaign funded by the Big Lottery Fund and led by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  3. Country-specific. Please check online for details of the wild flowers  in your mix.
  4. Subject to availability. Stocks for each country are limited and are split according to population per country and expected demand.
  5. Made up from one ‘fungus kit’ and up to five ‘seed kits’, with more seed kits provided to Group Leaders with larger groups.
  6. Designed for Group Leaders to share with their group members, taking part in suggested activities on-the-ground and online, and with subsequent evaluation and promotion. 
  7. Not followed by an auto-confirmation email upon registering. Group leaders receiving kits in 2017, will be notified after the form closes at midnight on 28 February 2017.
  8. Delivered after the Grow Wild registration form closes in time for spring sowing. For 2017, the form closes at midnight on 28 February 2017 and the kits will be sent out in mid-March, although this is subject to change.
  9. Subject to change where items may differ from that advertised across promotional material and online.
  10. Not to be sold, used as competition prizes or otherwise given in exchange for goods or services.
  11. Not to be promoted or advertised on freebie websites.
  12. Not to be sown in or around natural or conservation areas.

Group leaders are required to:

  1. Be 12 years of age or over. 
  2. Select, on the Grow Wild registration form, the kit containing the wild flower seed mix related to the country you wish to sow them in, eg if you wish to create a wild flowerspace in Scotland, you must select a Scottish seed kit.
  3. Only use the kits with members of their group. Groups can be formal and informal, eg activity clubs, societies, work places, schools and neighbourhoods.
  4. Ensure that the information and delivery address supplied in the Grow Wild registration form for their group/s to receive kits is accurate. Grow Wild is not responsible for any inaccurate or unsuccessful deliveries.
  5. Take responsibility for the health and safety of their group members when carrying out activities using the kits, working with an adult if under 18 years old.
  6. Complete the necessary photo consent forms as advised in Grow Wild’s photography policy when taking photographs of group members participating in Grow Wild activities.
  7. Have land owner’s permission before sowing their seed mix.

Grow Wild:

  1. Reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion at any time. Notification will be made on the Grow Wild website.
  2. Does not guarantee that Group Leaders who register for kits using the Grow Wild registration form will receive kits. 
  3. Does not guarantee that all of the wild flowers listed on the website will appear when sown.
  4. May contact Group Leaders and group members to take part in promotional activities and evaluation surveys.

Last updated 13 Janauary 2017