Seed kit applications 2018

Applications for our free group seed kits are now closed. 

women planting flowers on a housing estate

In the UK we’re lucky to have some amazing wildflowers. Bringing people together, getting active, growing as a group and giving back through volunteering can all improve health and wellbeing. Plus by creating these pockets of wild beauty for your neighbours and friends, you will be contributing to their wellbeing too. Well done you!

Sounds awesome but I need some inspiration…

Wildflowers inspire and create knowledge, beauty, friendship, nature, relaxation, fun, appreciation, mindfulness, collaboration, change, connection & growth.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the people who’ve grown wildflowers together…

Digging Deeside, Shotton

Daz at Digging DeesideDigging Deeside is a community garden in Shotton, North Wales. Daz is one of the people who helped to sow a wildflower patch using our seed kit. “I was in an accident and had a head injury. After that, for a long time, I was scared to go out anywhere, worried about what might happen. But now I come here most days." - Daz

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Foston Hall Women’s Prison, Derby

Marilyn at Foston Hall amongst the wildflowersMarilyn Carthy is an English teacher at Foston Hall Women’s prison in Derby. She incorporated growing the seed kits into her English lessons with the women at the prison who also do all of the gardening.

“To be able to feel things, touch them, smell them, that whole experience in all those different senses and the feelings you get from it. It’s something I can’t explain, you’ve just got to go and feel it I think”  - Quote from one of Marilyn’s students

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Glen and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Sheffield

Glen speaks at the celebration event for his spaceGlen Watson rallied his colleagues and friends to transform a dull, unloved space near to the ambulance station in Sheffield, where he works as a paramedic.

“I just thought, why not? The area is perfect for it, it may help improve staff morale and welfare, it may help our native wildlife which I’m very passionate about and it will most definitely enhance the area around the station… I approached my employer to see if it was something we could get involved with, set up a Facebook group and asked my colleagues if they were interested in getting involved too. I was amazed that over 20 colleagues responded positively to the idea, around 1/3 of the workforce at my station; which is a lot when you consider the fact that, like all UK ambulance services, we are stretched to and beyond our limits by an ever growing demand for our attendance." - Glen 

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