We'd like as many people as possible to share in your amazing Grow Wild project! Here you’ll find free resources to help generate interest locally, online, and in the press. 

Each links direct to a Grow Wild webpage or opens a PDF.

Guidelines and tips 

  1. PDF icon Grow Wild brand guidelines partners and beneficiaries.pdf
  2. PDF icon Grow Wild communications guidelines for projects.pdf

Top tips 

  1. Updating your Grow Wild online profile.pdf 
  2. Social Media and blogging tips.pdf 
  3. Photography tips
  4. Growing glossary 

Grow Wild logos for partners and beneficiaries
For each - downloads small compressed folder with horizontal and vertical designs in full colour and monochrome

Print quality (jpegs):Package icon Package icon

Online quality (png):Package icon Package icon

Photo consent forms for photography/video/film for people over and under the age of 16

PDF icon English form.pdfPDF icon Welsh form.pdf 

A3 posters you can edit

PDF icon English.pdfPDF icon Welsh.pdf

A5 flyers you can edit

PDF icon English.pdfPDF icon Welsh.pdf

Event invitation you can edit 

English.pdf / Welsh.pdf

Template press release 

Please email the Grow Wild team

Grow Wild stencils

A3 stencil / A4 stencil

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Anything we've forgotten? Please email the Grow Wild team