Why get involved

Getting involved in Grow Wild can give you the chance to hone existing knowledge, share your expertise with others and develop new skills or qualities such as team work, communication, leadership, patience and determination. Grow Wild is also a chance to express your creativity and inventiveness by simply sowing,growing and sharing UK native wild flowers in an innovative way using, such as using upcycled objects!

Transform spaces for nature

The humblest wild flower spot can be a haven for wildlife – and by working together to maximise our impact, we can help our natural world. Just by growing wild flowers in spaces where we live, we can increase wild plant diversity. And once the wild flowers are flourishing, they will attract lots of different creatures, bringing biodiversity right to your doorstep.

Boost community spirit

Studies show that UK communities are more fragmented and provide a lower sense of belonging compared to 30 years ago. By bringing communities together to sow wild flower seeds, Grow Wild aims to unite people with a common purpose – and increase their sense of pride about where they live. We want to create talking points and shared experiences between people young and old and show how the smallest act – sowing wild flowers seeds - can make a difference to how and where we live.

Connect with the natural world

Grow Wild believes that we, as a society, need to better connect with nature and each other; young people in particular do not always have the freedom or opportunity to do so. Wild flowers are part of the complex web of life which supports the natural world - so sowing them is an easy but empowering way for you to make a difference and connect to the natural world.

Increase wellbeing and confidence

Grow Wild wants to encourage more of you to enjoy some healthy outdoor activity; studies also show that green spaces have a long-lasting positive impact on mental health – not only by providing a stimulating and calming environment, but also by offering a space to socialise and interact with other people.