A Childhood of Flowers

Sunny Hassan is the newest member of the Grow Wild team and is our guest blogger for our Grow For It Youth Project Showcase.  He will be posting regular updates from the Grow For It network full of inspiring, wild ideas and great community stories told by young people, for young people. 

What's the project about?

A Childhood of Flowers is a collaborative project by the young members and leaders of Bromley Woodcraft Folk situated in the borough of Bromley, South London.

With their Grow For It funding they were inspired by the artwork of American artist Mike Kelley to create a community mosaic using recycled found objects, textile banners, drawings and an assortment of collages. They were able to take their inspiration one step further by using donated objects from community members. The collected items were mainly old or broken toys, board game pieces and other items used by children. A fantastic way to not only influence community cohesion but also invoke a sweet sense of nostalgia amongst everyone!

What have they been up to lately?

The group worked with the Dorset Road allotments at their open day in order to spread the word about the importance of native wild flowers. The day was a huge success amongst the local community. Tracy Cleveland of Bromley Woodcraft Folk told us that the day was the “busiest ever and we had a good range of visitors, babes in arms, children, families as well as adults who wanted to join in.” Members of the public kindly donated a range of assorted objects and junk which the group were able to use for their mosaics. Recycling at its finest!

Of course, the main attraction of the day was creating mosaics but there were other activities, such as an area for free play and even cooking over a fire! These activities were led by the young people of Bromley Woodcraft Folk which were very well received by members of the public, group members and even plot holders who joined in.

Bromley Woodcraft Folk encouraged people to create an open and free attitude to their work which showed others that there was no “right” or “wrong” method, as anything goes! This encouraged members to take the free reign and confidently express themselves through their artwork.

What are their plans for the future? 

The community mosaic will be available to all allotment visitors so we’re certain that every visitor will get something from the artwork in one way or another.

So what’s next for the group? Well it seems they are already one step ahead as they have already created a committee to work on a neglected area in the Dorset allotment called “The Secret Garden”. They think this will be a fantastic space for visitors to think, sit, draw or even just explore. We’re definitely eager to hear about that in the future!

Look out for more updates from the Grow For It network soon! 

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