Create an Urban Buzzz in Cwmbran

Artwork by David George CwmbranCwmbran’s URBANBuzzz will bring together local residents like artist David George and young people to design six linked areas of the town, sowing wild flowers and trees, and creating songs and artwork to tell the story of the development of Cwmbran and the creation of Northville and Southville.

David George has lived in the same house in Northville, Cwmbran his whole life and has watched the town develop and change over those 57 years.

David’s family helped make Northville what it is today. His dad worked on the residential gardens when Northville was under construction and his uncle worked as a plasterer on the estate.

David has happy childhood memories of Northfield.

"As a youngster I can remember playing outside at St Anne’s Park and treks up Mynedd Mean with a bottle of squash (if we were lucky) and a couple of jam sarnies."

The strong emotional attachment David has to Northville has played a huge role in influencing his artwork.

"Lots of my work is based on the environment that I live in. I find reassurance, beauty and comfort in the grid system that Northville is based on. It’s permanent and constant presence in my life have really given me strength.

As Cwmbran has developed, David has become inspired by the "urban buzz" of the area.

"Over the years the surrounding fields and woods have been developed for housing families from all over the country. My current work is based on the town centre as a whole, but I’ve been working hard developing ideas around Cwmbran’s Urban Buzzz. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to change the face of Northville and put wild flowers back into the community."

Cwmbran’s Urban Buzz is one of three projects competing to become the Grow Wild flagship site for Wales. The winner will receive £120,000 to realise their vision. Voting is now closed and the winner will be announced very shortly. Read more about our finalists HERE.

Wildflowers in Cwmbran