The Cross Fire Trust in South Armagh

The Crossfire Trust in South Armagh, Northern Ireland aim to bring communities together to nurture cohesiveness across all divides… And now they’re using wild flowers to do it.

Their Grow Wild community project ‘Growing Together’ is off to a great start. Volunteers have begun work to transform three disused areas, including a steep waste ground, from a no-go area to a florally interesting must go areas; and creating three diverse community sites where young and old alike can enjoy and learn about our Northern Irish native plants.

The areas will include a plants to excite the senses and add to the local village heritage walk, with benches and colourful bluebell beds. Each area will create a different atmosphere to allow for the needs of the disabled, visually impaired, hard of hearing and other specialist groups that work with the Crossfire Trust.

And that’s not all… The project will run volunteer activities and workshops to develop practical skills with local people and will work with the local schools to link the growing of plants into their curriculum.

We’ll be back to visit Growing Together at the Crossfire Trust later in the year, so watch this space! You can also find a project near you by looking on our Project Map 

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