Friends of Kelvingdale Station in Glasgow

Friends of Kelvingdale Station, our community project in the Kelvingdale suburb of Glasgow, are planning to transform the railway station with an open air café and art gallery where art works will reflect ideas about biodiversity and nature.

The whole area will also be brought to life with colourful wild flowers that are being sown all around the station.

Large beds lining the walk ways to and from the platforms will be filled with flowers.

It was all hands on deck to prepare the soil and sow the seeds over such a big area!

When the wild flowers bloom later this summer, they’ll provide a valuable source of food and shelter for important pollinators including bees.

We’ll be checking back in with Friends of Kelvingdale Station later in the year to see how the station is looking with so many colourful wild flowers in bloom. So watch this space.

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