Kew Directors visit The Cornfield Project

Last week, Richard Deverell and David Cope, the Director and Director of Strategy and External Affairs of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, visited The Cornfield Project, our flagship project in Northern Ireland.

The Cornfield Project has transformed an area of previously underused land between the two housing estates of Millburn and Ballysally in Coleraine. What used to be a boundary between the two communities, is now a beautiful communal space for everyone, bursting with colourful wild flowers and teeming with wildlife.

Richard and David were keen to see the project for themselves and find out how Grow Wild has been having an impact outside of the Gardens. Despite some terrible rainy weather on the day, a group of local people were still busy working in the community garden and a brilliant day was had by all! Project leaders Billy and Brendan, who have been working with volunteers from the community to make the project come to life, were full of their usual zeal and enthusiasm.

Grow Wild Northern Ireland Partnership Manager Stephanie Baine, and Grow Wild Lead Partnership Manager Tim Owen accompanied Richard and David. The wild flowers were in bloom on the site, with mown paths cutting through the colourful oxeye daisies, red campion and ragged robin. ‘Everytime I visit the Cornfield Project there is something new to see, new people to meet and even more amazing transformations of the space. It’s great to see how the project is involving people of all ages and backgrounds” said Tim.

Richard Deverell said: “The whole experience was humbling and inspiring.  It is a source of great pride to me that RBG Kew, through the excellent work of Grow Wild, can have this sort of impact on communities in Northern Ireland.”

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