Nature Inspires Art at Cardiff's 'Discover The Diff'

Artist's impression of the boardwalk, CardiffAmelia Tomas, aka ‘Millimagic’ is an urban graffiti artist working to transform the boardwalk running alongside Cardiff’s iconic Millennium Stadium. She hopes to turn this prominent space into a feature wall of wild flowers and community art work - an expression of nature’s power to inspire creativity.

Amelia explains: “Nature inspires art, it inspires music, poetry and drama. Wild flowers can bring out all sorts of creativity. We’d like to work with young people to focus on that creativity”.

The project is one of three finalists competing to become the Grow Wild flagship site for Wales. If Discover The Diff succeeds, Amelia will become an official Youth Mentor, working with young people across the city to raise awareness of the importance of nature.

Activities will include working with local school children, like Lucy Owen, a student at Llanishen Fach primary school in Cardiff, who says: “I couldn’t imagine waking up and not seeing trees and birds and butterflies. I think that it’s really good that the project will bring nature into the city centre.”

The winning project will become a Grow Wild flagship site and receive £120,000 to realise their vision. Voting is now closed and the winner will be announced very shorlty. Read about our finalists HERE.

Kids get creative with 'Millimagic' at Discover the Diff