A Tale of the Northern Flowerhouse

Grow Wild England Partnership Manager Richard Pollard (pictured centre) pays a visit to Liverpool to witness a milestone event for Liverpool and Manchester, home of our England flagship, A Tale of Two Cities...

My mind was full of anticipation as I arrived in Liverpool’s St George’s Hall for what was to become a truly historic event. For the first time in history the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Tony Concepcion, invited the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Cllr Paul Murphy, to Liverpool, to celebrate the half-way point of Tale of Two Cities, Grow Wild’s flagship project for England.

The exhibition at St George’s Hall featured beautiful photographic prints of wildflowers sown in parks, on verges and central reservations across Liverpool and Manchester, plus screen-prints designed by local schoolchildren and an installation from Pagoda Arts.

This was an opportunity for the two Lord Mayors to meet and thank in person the young people and community leaders that have given their skills and creativity to the Tale of Two Cities England Flagship, which is led by National Wildflower Centre. Their collective passion for wildflowers has helped forge greater bonds between these two great Northern cities. Musical performances by Ian Prowse from Liverpool and an original premiere from Shoa Osbourne from Manchester, arranged by Liverpool’s Michael Seary, captured the moment perfectly.
After the exhibition the Lord Mayors marked the historic meeting - a first in the history of these two rival cities - with the exchanging of gifts at Liverpool’s town hall, including a Grow Wild wildflower seed kit!

Wild flower inspired artworks, photo by Len Grant
Personally I felt honoured to be a part of this special day and was moved by just how proud the people of Liverpool and Manchester are of what they have achieved. I can’t wait to see how the tale unfolds this coming year and beyond.

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Photographs by Len Grant.

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