YMCA Swansea

Sunny Hassan reports on a very creative Youth Project in Swansea... 


Reports have been pouring in about artwork by Banksy being spotted in a community garden in Swansea. Here at Grow Wild, we know that’s not entirely true. Banksy just isn’t on the same level as these amazing young graffiti artists from YMCA Swansea.

YMCA Swansea is a youth group based in, you guessed it, Swansea that works tirelessly on giving young people a safe, supportive place to fulfil their potential so that they can belong, contribute and thrive in their communities.

Being one of the key providers of youth support services in Swansea, the youth group was able to help over 5,000 young people aged 14 to 25 in just 2015 alone. Their support work focuses heavily on areas ranging from training and education to health and wellbeing.


The young people from the youth group have been participating in a graffiti project with the aim of transforming a green container shed in the centre of Vetch Community Gardens. The group decided on a native wild flowers theme to reflect the bright and colourful garden.

“It was nice for the young people to come enjoy the garden and see that it’s not your average allotment but more of a community garden” said Dawn Mitchell, secretary of Vetch Community Gardens.

Vetch Community Garden is in a multicultural community used by many families and organisations where they can plant their own fruit and veg. This has essentially gave the young people a very positive perspective about living healthy as well as building relationships with key community members.

The project was also successful in educating young people about native wildflowers and plants through art workshops and games where young people researched and designed ideas for the graffiti. This was very effective as it meant the young people learnt about the importance of native wildflowers and plants in an interesting way!


They are now thinking of doing the growing project next summer

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