DIY plant markers

Your step by step guide with Hannah Grows...

Make green heart plant markers that you can use to identify plants and trees in your garden or community space.

Make your markers

Hannah holding two plant markers

Skill level: Easy

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cost: Less than £5

Materials and tools:

  • Smooth stones that are responsibly sourced or found in your own garden
  • Non-toxic, weatherproof paint
  • A paint brush
  • Non-toxic permanent marker pen

materials laid out

Step 1

Use the permanent marker to draw a heart on your stone. Make sure you are happy with the size and shape.

Hannah drawing a heart on the stone

Step 2

Fill in your heart with the green paint using a paintbrush. You may need a few coats to get a good even coverage, and remember to roll up your sleeves!

Hannah filling the heart in with green paint

Step 3
Leave to dry in a safe place somewhere warm.

Step 4

Once the paint is dry, write the name of your plant or tree nice and clearly over the top of the heart using the permanent marker pen. You can use the Latin name or the common name.

Step 5

Place your green heart plant marker next to the matching plant in your garden or community space. This will help you and others identify it clearly throughout the seasons when plants and trees can alter in appearance. Remember to come back and visit in late Winter and early Spring to observe our UK wildlife feasting on the early sources of pollen.

Hannah grows with heather plant marker

If you are wondering which plants you have in your garden or community space that provide early sources of pollen, the best way to find out is to get outside and observe.

The key thing to look for is flowers, and remember these might be on shrubs and trees. When out in your garden or community space you should also look out for bees. It’s quite likely you might see big bumble bees buzzing around looking for food. Watching the bees and which plants they go to might help you uncover some early sources of pollen that you have in your space.

We've painted green hearts on our plant markers to support the Climate Coalition and show the love for the UK's wildlife, but you could paint anything on yours, find inspiration over on our Pinterest board.

Proud of your plant markers? Share a photo with us using the hashtag #GrowWild