England flagship site, Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities, a joint bid by Liverpool and Manchester, is the Grow Wild England flagship project. 

Landlife, a charity based at the National Wildflower Centre at Court Hey Park, partnered with Manchester City Council, the National Trust and Friends of Everton Park and together used the award money to transform prominent spaces into wild flower celebrations to connect the two historically-divided cities. 

In Liverpool, derelict and paved areas of Everton Park were transformed with inspiring wild flower displays, some marking where the streets of a long since demolished housing estate used to stand. 

Tale of two cities Liverpool before shotAn after shot of Everton park post development

While beautiful wild flower landscapes were created along Princess Road in Manchester and its linked surroundings, now seen and enjoyed by 100,000 passers-by daily!

These wildflowers have changed people’s perceptions of personal safety on the underpass of Princes Parkway: tackling local fears around crime and safety by encouraging more people to spend time there.

Tale of two cities Manchester before shotTale of Two Cities

The site has become a national example for how people and partner organisations can turn spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wildlife havens. Over 3,000 people were involved: transforming 10 hectares, which is equivalent to 20 football pitches.

And in January 2016 the project brought together the Lord Mayors of Liverpool and Manchester for the first time in history

Enjoy the England flagship site in panoramic!
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