Throw a Grow Wild seed swap party

Celebrate your Grow Wild success with a seed swap party 

Seed swap sign

Share the flower-love and spread the pleasure of sowing and growing. Get your friends and neighbours together for a knees-up, celebrate the plants and flowers you’ve grown and look forward to next year’s bigger and better blooms. And by giving away some of your seeds, you may even inspire people to plant up their pots and patches of bare ground, encouraging wildlife and transforming their neighbourhood too. 

Seed saving essentials

  • Check out the Grow Wild guide to collecting and storing your wild flower seeds
  • Separate the harvest from other bits of plant and chaff, fishing out any insects that have been caught up in the process. If your seeds are very small you can use a sieve.
  • The cleaned seeds may be of all shapes and sizes depending on what plants they came from. If still slightly damp, leave them somewhere cool and airy to dry off. 
  • Download your special Grow Wild template below to create paper envelopes – don’t be tempted to keep them in plastic bags, as they will sweat and start to rot.
  • Label each envelope with the date of collection, the site, what the seeds are and any other useful details, like whether they are annuals, perennials or a mixture. 
  • Seeds like to be kept in a cool, dark dry place until they are planted – a ventilated plastic box in the fridge is ideal.

Step-by-step party guide

Seed swap party

  • Pick a suitable time and day to party.
  • Choose a good venue: your garden or that of a friend, a park, a local community garden or allotment. If you are outside, it needs to be accessible and have facilities like toilets and running water; check if you need permission to be there.
  • Consider a wet weather plan: where will you party if it rains?
  • Think about a theme, activities, food and drink. Be specific if you want people to contribute. 
  • Design an exciting invitation. You could use your flowers, pressed or photographed, to decorate it or even write party details on your seed packet and send that! 
  • Ask a few people to help you sort things out on the day and clear up afterwards so you don’t spend all your time running about.

Themes and activities

How do you want your party to look?  How will you decorate the space? What can people bring or do?

Seed swap bags
Ideas to try  

Download your Grow Wild seed packet template.pdf