Go on a nature quest

We know how important it is for people to connect with nature. Just taking a moment each day to notice and appreciate the nature around us can improve our mood and reduce stress*.

So we’d like to encourage you to go on a #NatureQuest.

You can download our urban nature quest guide as a PDF

Take a moment out of your day to notice the nature around you.

What do you see when you... pause and look up, up from your feet, or up from your phone?

  • A tree silhouetted against the sky
  • A plant clinging to bricks way up high on the side of a building
  • Moss growing along a roof gutter

What do you see when you... pause and look down, bend down, lay down?

  • Roots of a tree pushing through tarmac
  • A tiny plant growing in a crack of the pavement
  • Fungi climbing the base of a wall

What do you see when you... wait for your bus, or for your coffee to brew?

  • Uninvited plants in a flower bed
  • A flower being visited by a bee
  • An apple tree full of fruit on the edge of a railway
Smile and carry on with your day!

Take notice of nature throughout the seasons and share what you find with us @GrowWildUK using #NatureQuest.

*There is a wide variety of research on this available. For example, The physiological effects of Shinrin-yoku (taking in the forest atmosphere or forest bathing), published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine.