Grow wildflowers with us this Spring!

We want people all around the UK to come together to transform shared spaces with beautiful, blooming UK native wildflowers. People who have never sown seeds before, who don’t know what a wildflower is, or who just want to bring some love and colour to their community. What's not to love about that! 

First you need to get your hands on some wildflower seeds - read our guide to get started.

You don’t need growing experience (you really don't)

You just need enthusiasm and a space to transform, and our seeds are great for all to enjoy in containers, gardens, and unloved urban spaces. Wherever you choose to sow your seeds at home, school, your workplace or a community space you will have more colour and wildlife next Spring and into Summer.

Be like these people:

And grow these!

Long and wide strip of bright and colourful wildflowers along the side of a paved path