Guidance for applicants

Everything you need to apply for a £500 creative project grant and join our amazing London exhibition

The details below will help you make a great application. Please read everything carefully and get in touch with Grow Wild if you have any questions.
You can call or text us on 07826 873 421, or email.

Finding your Supporting Organisation
  • You must nominate a youth, community or education-focused organisation to receive the £500 grant on your behalf. Money cannot be placed in personal bank accounts or private business bank accounts. 
  • The person who told you about the opportunity may be able to help you, or be able to suggest a suitable organisation in your community.
  • When seeking support from an organisation, show them the guidance for Supporting Organisations, so they know what’s expected of them. Make sure you read this too.
  • Talk through your ideas and work with your Supporting Organisation to create your ‘Covid-19 Safety Plan’ to make sure you can complete your project safely and in compliance with Government social distancing restrictions (more details coming below).
When is everything happening?

The deadline for applications is 1pm on Monday 12th October 2020.

  • Applications will then be assessed by a panel of young people who will decide which projects are successful. This will take place during September.
  • If your application is successful, you’ll have the money and can start your project around the end of October (if we receive all the information required from you and your Supporting Organisation). We’ll be keeping in touch with you through your project journey.
  • You’ll also be invited to join a group visit to gather inspiration from Wakehurst, Kew’s wild botanic garden in Sussex. This will take place in late October/early November. We will make travel arrangements and cover the cost of a coach from London. The date will be arranged closer to the time, so unfortunately we can’t guarantee it will suit everyone.
  • Your creative work needs to be finished by the 22nd February 2021 and safely packaged ready for transport. Please pay for packaging using your grant money. Grow Wild will then arrange (and pay for) your piece to transported to 70 St Mary Axe.
  • You and/or your Supporting Organisation will need to be available for us to collect your piece prior to the exhibition.  You should also be free to attend an open evening of the exhibition on Friday 12th March 2021.
Creative guidelines

Please follow our creative guidelines below. This will help us display your artwork safely and with enough space and facilities. It could be a sculpture, painting, photograph, collage, pottery…something we haven’t thought of yet! Let your imagination run riot!

Yes please!

  • Your exhibition piece should be no bigger than 1m wide x 0.5m deep x 1.8m high including all transport packaging. You need to make sure we can fit it through a standard size door.
  • We’ll most likely be collecting the artwork in a transit van. When packaged for transport, your piece should be able to be safely laid down on its side. 
  • Make sure your creation is not too heavy – it should be able to be moved easily by two people.
  • Your exhibition piece needs to stand up safely by itself. Any frames, easels or staging to enable this should be white, grey or natural wood colour. You will need to cover the cost of this from your grant. Please also make sure these items are safely wrapped for transport.
  •  Make sure your creation can’t damage any floors or surfaces during installation and display. Protective matts will also be provided by Grow Wild. 
  • If your idea involves fabric and textiles, please contact us for a chat before you apply.

No thank you

  • There will be no power available at the venue – so sorry no electrics, computers or anything requiring batteries please.
  • Sorry, we can’t accommodate live performance like dance, music or drama.
  • Please don’t include any political messaging or expletives in your creation.
Covid-19 – Making sure your project is safe

All of our lives have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We really hope that the situation will continue to improve and we won’t see tighter lockdown restrictions returning.

However, it’s impossible to predict how the coming months will be and it’s likely that social distancing rules will continue for a long time yet.

Safety for everyone is of top importance. Therefore we ask that you work with your supporting organisation to make a ‘Covid-19 safety plan’, for how you will deliver your project and what you would do if tighter lockdown restrictions were to be reintroduced.

Please don’t worry about this plan – it doesn’t need to be long or complicated. We simply ask that you discuss and agree in writing with your supporting organisation, how you will complete your project safely and in compliance with Government rules and restrictions. Full details and updates can be found on the Government website.

You and your Supporting Organisation must comply with all current Government rules and restrictions when undertaking any project activities.

You don’t need to send Grow Wild a copy of your Covid-19 safety plan when you apply.
But if your application is successful, we will ask you to confirm that this plan has been completed before paying your grant. We could ask to see the plan at a later date.

To help you when making your plan, we've put together a list of some key things to consider, as a starting point for your conversations.

How to apply

Step 1: Come up with your creative idea

  • Remember this is all about celebrating UK native plants and/or fungi. Use this theme as imaginatively as you can. Do something different that people will notice! Read our page about why fungi matter or scroll through our wildflower gallery for inspiration.
  • Think about the equipment, materials and techniques you will use. We like ideas that consider sustainability.
  • Think about how you can get other people excited about UK native plants and/or fungi too.
  • Check your idea can be displayed in the celebratory exhibition (see ‘Creative guidelines’ above)
  • Talk to your Supporting Organisation about your ideas and together produce your Covid-19
    Safety Plan
  • Important: Remember you’ll need permission from the landowner if developing your project involves any activity taking place in a public area.

Step 2: Make a 2 minute video or write 500 words to explain your idea

We’re keeping this short and sweet.

You can choose to either make a 2 minute video, or write up to 500 words to explain your idea.

Use the checklist below to make sure you’ve included everything we need to know:

  1. Who you are and where you will work on your project.
  2. Tell us about any creative projects you have completed before and how taking part will benefit you.
  3. How will your idea celebrate UK native plants and/or fungi?
  4. Tell us how your idea will help to get other people excited and interested in UK native plants and/or fungi.
  5. Tell us your initial ideas for your final exhibition piece (we understand these may evolve once you get started).
  6. Tell us how you will spend the £500 – at this stage we realise that this will be a brief outline that may change some.

Important: Grow Wild funding cannot be used to pay yourself a salary or wage.

If you decide to make a video...
You will need to upload it to a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo and include the link in your application.

Important: Always upload your video to a private account and only share the link with people who need to see it.
If people in the video application are under 18, a parent/guardian must consent to them taking part.

If you decide to write 500 words...
Please upload your file when prompted in the application form. You may also include up to three images to help illustrate your ideas and sources of inspiration.

We ask that the text and images are saved and uploaded as a single file.
For example as a single PDF, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document.Please keep file sizes
under 10mb.

Step 3: Complete your application

  • Fill in the online application form, including the link to your video application or upload of your written proposal.
  • Remember to give contact details for you and your Supporting Organisation. Get your person at the Supporting Organisation to help and make sure that their information is correct – this will save time if your application is successful.
  • We will always contact you and your nominated person at the Supporting Organisation in all email communications about your application and project.
Seeking inspiration?

Grow Wild participants have previously taken over national exhibition spaces in Scotland and Wales to display and perform their work.

Participant with photographic art

If you have questions or would like to talk through ideas, please get in touch. You can call or text us on 07826 873 421, or email (Mon-Fri).

If you are an organisation looking for guidance on how to support an applicant, you can also read our Guidance for Supporting Organisations

If you're ready to apply, you can do so via our online application form, or return to the general information page.