Guidance for Supporting Organisations

Support a young person to apply for a £500 creative project grant and the chance to join our amazing London exhibition

The information below will help you to support a young person to make their application and complete a successful project.

Please also read our Guidance for Applicants, which includes important dates and creative guidelines. If you have any questions, get in touch with Grow Wild.
You can call or text us on 07826 873 421, or email.

The role of supporting organisations

Except for young people with additional needs, or who need more support, we encourage the young person applying to take responsibility for their project. 

Each applicant must identify a Supporting Organisation to work with them. This is because Grow Wild is not able to make grant payments to individuals and because some young people will need a little practical help to manage and deliver their project. 

We’ll be keeping in touch with both the applicant and you, as the Supporting Organisation, throughout the project journey and we’ll always be happy to offer advice and encouragement.

It’s your role to be the young person’s main source of support, for any day-to-day artistic and practical challenges along the way.

You can support more than one young person wishing to apply, as long as their projects are clearly different.

It’s up to the applicant to decide how to run their project and the process they want to go through to create their exhibition piece. They should also think about ways to get other people excited and interested in UK native plants and/or fungi.


As a Supporting Organisation you must be:

An established and relevant organisation that is charitable in purpose or not for profit.
In particular:

  • Voluntary, youth or community group.
  • Education body (excluding primary schools)
  • Arts charity
  • Local Authority or other council body
  • Health Authority

Able to provide a member of staff or volunteer:

  • To liaise with Grow Wild.
  • To support the young person as required, e.g. access to facilities and equipment, provide advice and guidance.

Financially responsible for the project with:

  • A bank account in the name of their organisation, or in the name of a local authority/other public sector body where relevant

The following organisations are not eligible:

  • Private businesses that operate for profit and have no social purpose.
  • Organisations with a solely commercial purpose.
Responsibilities of the Supporting Organisation

Grow Wild recognises that the level of support that young people will need to deliver their project will vary according to their age, abilities and needs.

Section 1 below outlines the responsibilities that all Supporting Organisations must adhere to.

Section 2 below outlines additional responsibilities for Supporting Organisations, when projects include involvement with young people under 18, individuals and groups with additional needs and/or vulnerable adults

Section 1
It’s the responsibility of all Supporting Organisations to: 

  • receive the grant on behalf of the young person applying 
  • ensure that the grant is spent in the way outlined in the application 
  • contact Grow Wild if you become aware that the project is not being delivered as planned
  • meet and discuss the project with the young person, providing advice and guidance as required 
  • support the young person in the planning of their exhibition piece, to make sure it meets the display guidelines (please read the guidance for applicants for full details)
  • ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone participating in the project. This includes working with the young person to produce a ‘Covid-19 safety plan’ and making sure that the delivery of the project complies with all current Government rules and restrictions on social distancing.

As part of this responsibility, Grow Wild will need to see a copy of the following documents before the grant is paid:

  • Constitution (or a similar document agreed by the group) with the group’s purpose and objectives, or evidence that the organisation is part of a Local Authority or other public sector body.

Copies of the following documents and evidence of relevant disclosure checks may also be requested if an application is successful: 

  • Covid-19 safety plan (more details below) 
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Health and safety policy 
  • Public liability insurance, if required for any project activities (this does not need to include the final exhibition)
  • Volunteering guidelines (if important to the project)
  • Safeguarding policy

Section 2 
Outlined below are additional responsibilities for Supporting Organisations when projects include involvement with young people under 18, individuals and groups with additional needs and/or vulnerable adults.

Some examples of such situations include:

If the applicant decided to facilitate children in their local community to produce drawings, which would then be incorporated into the final artwork.

If the applicant includes children under 18, or vulnerable individuals in the video they submit when applying. For example, this may occur if they decide to include members of their local community in the film or conducted filming at a school or community centre.

 It is the additional responsibility of the Supporting Organisation to: 

  • ensure that all young people (in any of the groups outlined above) who feature in the video application have consent from a parent/guardian to take part
  • ensure consent has been given by a parent/guardian, for all young people under 18 to participate in project activities (including the application video)
  • ensure that all staff and volunteers working with the project have a disclosure check and have received the appropriate training to support the individuals and activities
  • Safeguard children under 18 and/or vulnerable adults whilst they are taking part in the project (including any related online and social media activity)

If you are supporting an application from a young person with additional needs, please contact Grow Wild with any specific considerations we should know about.

Covid-19 Safety Plan

All of our lives have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We really hope that the situation will continue to improve and we will not see tighter lockdown restrictions returning.

However, it’s impossible to predict how the coming months will be and social distancing rules will likely continue for a long time yet.

Safety for everyone is of utmost importance. Therefore we ask that you work with the young person you are supporting to write a ‘Covid-19 safety plan’.

We see this as a simple document where together you plan out how the project will be delivered safely, in compliance with Government rules and restrictions. It also allows you to think ahead about what you would do if tighter lockdown restrictions were to be reintroduced, or if somebody involved in the project developed symptoms of Covid-19.

Full details and updates on the rules and procedures to limit the spread of coronavirus can be found on the Government website:

Applicants and Supporting Organisations must comply with all current Government rules and restrictions when undertaking any project related activities.

You don’t need to send Grow Wild a copy of your Covid-19 safety plan when you apply.
But we will ask you to confirm that this plan has been completed before we pay the grant money. We could ask to see the plan at a later date.

To help you when making your plan, we've put together a list of some key things to consider, as a starting point for your conversations.

Next steps


The deadline for applications is 1pm on Thursday 3rd September 2020. Applicants should submit their application via our online form.

Applicants are asked to create a 2 minute video or write up to 500 words to explain their idea. Full details are provided in our Guidance for Applicants.

Working with people aged 14-17 or 18-25 living elsewhere in the UK?

Don’t worry – they can still apply for a creative project grant from Grow Wild in Spring 2021. Plus, we have lots of new online learning activities on the way. Make sure you're signed up to our email updates and following us on social media to hear more about future opportunities.

Any questions?

If you have questions or would like to talk through ideas, please get in touch. You can call or text us on 07826 873 421 or email us.

You can also read our guidance for applicants or view our online application form.

If you're looking for inspiration or want to see other projects Grow Wild has funded, you can find great stories on our blog and YouTube channel.

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