London Grows Wild Together - Eligibility Checker

Two people working in a community garden

Before you get stuck into applying, please read our checklist below to make sure your group is eligible. On this page you will also find full details about how the £1000 grants can be spent.

Who can apply?

Yes please! We can fund….

  • Non profit organisations
    Such as voluntary, youth or community groups.
    Secondary schools, resident’s groups, community associations, health authorities/health boards.

Sorry no…

  • Primary or nursery schools
  • Local Authorities
  • Sole traders or individuals
  • Projects where Grow Wild funds could be used for commercial benefit
  • Organisations and projects based outside of our funded boroughs.

Your group and project need to be located within Greater London. Check this list of boroughs, to make sure your area is included.

Your group needs to have….
  • Two members of staff or volunteers who can liaise with Grow Wild:  
    -  A project lead contact. This is the person who will be responsible for delivery of the project and main point of contact for Grow Wild.
    A secondary contact. Ideally this person should be someone in a senior position, e.g a trustee or director.
  • An up-to-date constitution, or equivalent governance document, that sets out your purpose and aims and objectives. This should be agreed and signed by your group’s board.
  • Its own bank account. The bank account needs to be in the name of your group. We’ll need to see evidence of this before we pay your grant.
  • The relevant policies and procedures in place, to ensure you can complete your project safely and responsibly. Here’s a list of what we require:
    - Equal opportunities policy 
    - Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy 
    - Health and safety policy (to include your Covd-19 safety plan)
    - Public liability insurance suitable for the proposed project 
    - Volunteering guidelines – if important to the project 
How can the grant be spent?
  • Grow Wild offers 100% project-specific costs. This can include seeds, plants, soil, materials, events, workshop charges, specialist experts and contractor costs.
  • Applicants can allocate up to 25% of the Grow Wild funding value towards staff costs related to direct delivery of project activities (this can include workshop preparation and delivery, volunteer support, practical sessions).
  • Grow Wild funding cannot be used to cover core organisational costs or staff costs that are not related to the direct delivery of the project.
  • Funding can be used to pay for individuals not employed by your organisation and partner organisations to deliver project activities. What they will do must be relevant to your projects aims and planned outcomes. (If you project idea is shortlisted for the second stage, we’ll ask you for full details of this).
  • Match funding is not requested or scored as part of your group’s application. If you have other funding for related projects taking place in the same space, you can tell us about this in more detail, if your project is shortlisted. It is expected that the Grow Wild project, described in your application, can be delivered independently of other funding.
  • Your budget cannot include any items not related to your project.
  • Avoid budgets that only pay for physical infrastructure; think also about the costs for getting people involved.

If you are unsure whether your group or project idea is eligible for a grant, please email Grow Wild for some advice or call us on 07826 873 421.

Where next?

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Apply by 10am on Monday 12th April 2021

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