At my workplace

Brightly painted filing cabinet and bike dotted with plants on a concrete pavementIf you're lucky enough to work somewhere that welcomes a wildflower space, then we've got some ideas for how you can make it happen!

Containers could be your friend here, although they need to be quite large for wildflowers to grow. You will also want to get some helpers on board - while many colleagues will thank you for creating a wild space to enjoy, not everyone will want to help keep it going.

We've put together some ideas on how to get your project off the ground...

Getting people involved

Give people something to do

One of the best ways to make people feel welcome is to give them something to do. We've listed 10 different roles people could do to help your wildflower project.

Food and drink!

People love to be fed. It doesn't have to be fancy: orange squash and biscuits go down a treat. Hot drinks for colder days are always welcome. And anyone that doesn't want to get their hands dirty might prefer taking on the role of chief cook and bottle washer.

Share a quiz

Workplaces love a good quiz - a bit of friendly competition, or just something to click through on your lunchbreak. The link above goes to a quiz we created, but you could do one based on our A-Z of growing words, or the Wildflower Gallery, to garner some interest among your colleagues.

Prepping your site

Things you might need (and how to get them)

If you haven't done much growing before, you may need to get your hands on some extra tools - here we run through your various options!

Plan your space

Think about what you're going to do and where you're going to do it

Luggage cart filled with wildflowers next to a large blue road sign


Sowing seeds in containers

If you don't have any soil to work with, you will need to use containers

Bath by the side of the street filled with green plants and plant markers

Sowing basics

If you do have a patch of soil you're using, follow our step by step guide to sowing wildflower seeds

Activities & downloads

Here's some things you can do or print out...

Use our posters... drum up interest!

When is Spring?

Download our Springo Bingo card for people to use to tick off the signs of Spring and start sowing at the right time.

Plan a party

Have an end goal in mind and plan for the end of Summer when it's time to save the wildflower seeds and pass them on to others that may want to sow them in Autumn or next year...

Let us know how you get on! You could also join our Wildflower Growers Facebook group to share hints and tips.