Our giant touring fungus

Giant glowing fungus installation beneath trees

You found our giant fungus!

Fungi are amazing. Did you know that there are more species of fungi on this planet than there are plants? Or at least, we think this is true – so little is known about fungi and there is so much more to discover.

This giant fungus was our way of introducing people to the wonders of the fungal kingdom. They are neither plant nor animal, in fact fungi have more in common with humans than with plants!

The long tubes that you can talk and listen through represent mycelium. These are the main body of a fungus: gathering nutrients, helping plant matter to rot and return to the soil. Without fungi we would be knee deep in dead trees and leaves.

These mycelia are part of a web - what we’re calling the “Wood Wide Web” - through which the fungi communicate, although it’s a very different kind of communication to what we use as humans.

glowing fungus gills

Some fungi glow. It’s called bioluminescence and it’s caused by chemical reactions within the fungus itself. Our giant fungus is inspired by the whole fungal kingdom, rather than being a faithful recreation of any particular fungus. We love the glowing light and thought you might too.

giant mushroom heads with glowing mycelium strands

Mushrooms are the things that fungi are most famous for. Fungi produce mushrooms as part of their life cycle, it’s how they reproduce and spread further afield.

Some are incredibly poisonous though, so only eat mushrooms that have been grown specially for the purpose of eating.

Not all fungi produce mushrooms, but as they are such an iconic part of a fungus we wanted to use these huge mushroom heads to draw the attention of people like you. We hope you like them!

Unfortunately, our giant fungus is now retired but if you want to find out more about fungi, go on a Fungi Quest.

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