Our Northern Ireland Flagship, The Cornfield Project

The Cornfield Project has captured the hearts and imaginations of two local communities in Coleraine, Millburn and Ballysally, and is the Grow Wild flagship site for Northern Ireland.


Local lad Billy Ellis was inspired to transform the unused, unloved Cornfield site at the back of his house, with the help of his partnership project, Focus on Family.

Billy’s relentless desire to achieve the vision – not for himself but for the good of the whole community – was infectious and so behind him, came many others, bringing a whole wealth of skills and interests. From this The Cornfield Project was born – a site to bring people together to enjoy the outdoors through sensory gardens, outdoor classrooms, allotments, youth areas and much more.

Children from Millburn and Ballysally Primary Schools have created a ‘Fairyfield’ at the Cornfield - little doors and windows of fairy houses, ‘berry-burst’ juice bottles, tiny washing lines, fairy flags and fantastical colour and magic. There are fairy shops, a fairy school, a fairy hospital and a fairy police stati

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