At a school

If you've been given a space at your school to create a pollinator haven, then wildflower seeds are the perfect thing to grow. Here are some ideas for making even more of your project!

Prepping your site

Things you might need (and how to get them)

If you haven't done much growing before, you may need to get your hands on some extra tools - here we run through your various options!

hand with red nail varnish holds a plug plant towards the camera with a trowel in the background

Assess your soil and clear the site

Before you start sowing your seeds, you may want to check that you're giving them the best home possible.

Plan your space

Think about what you're going to do and where you're going to do it.


Sowing basics

Follow our step by step guide to sowing wildflower seeds.

young person in wellies sowing seeds

Try sowing your seeds in containers

If you don't have any soil to work with, you may want to use containers

Sow a heart-shaped wildflower patch

Why not sow your wildflowers in recognisable shape, like a heart-shaped patch cut out of a lawn

Activities & downloads

Here's some things you can do or print out...

When is Spring?

Download our Springo Bingo card for your pupils to use to tick off the signs of Spring and start sowing at the right time.

Use our posters... let everyone know what's going on!

Make solitary bee houses

A house for solitary bees can be made out of recycled materials, and placed anywhere, no matter where you live in the city or country. A great way to introduce young people to why solitary bees are important.

a bundle of dowling tied with blue string