Discover the fungi kingdom with a fungus growing kit


Due to overwhelming demand we have closed the form to sign up for a kit. If you signed a team up, look out over the next week to see if you have been successful!

Fungi are amazing 

Fungi matter hugely to UK biodiversity and wildlife habitats, but they are misunderstood and often under-appreciated. Grow Wild is raising both understanding and the profile of fungi, as a fundamental part of the natural world we need to cherish and protect.

This is where you come in!

Our fungus kits are a great way to learn about the fungi kingdom and they're fun. Obviously. It's in the name.

We want as many people as possible to appreciate and value fungi, so we have invited teams across the UK to take up the challenge of growing a fungus. And once your fungus fruits, you will have tasty mushrooms to eat together!

Fungus growing is a team sport

The kits are ideal for indoors, so we're suggesting teams could be in schools, colleges, halls of residence, offices and other workplaces. You could even have several teams in one location, competing for whose fungus grows the fastest, biggest, most beautiful mushroom.

Each team will need:

  • Chief Executive of Fungus Growing - you're the one who will sign up your team and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities
  • Fridge Monitor in Chief - needs access to a fridge
  • Pasteurisation Executive - they're in charge of the pasteurisation process so will need a kettle and a bowl or bucket. Oh, and they should really be an adult!
  • Director of Mycelium Dispersion - don't worry, this will all become clear
  • Vice-President of Fungal Hydration - must be willing to get wet (not really)

If you have a bigger team then these roles could be shared.


We love fungi and we think you will too.