Terms & Conditions for Fungus Labs 2021

Grow Wild Fungus Labs are:
  • Only available to participants based in the UK. Applications from outside of the UK will not be considered.
  • Designed as a team activity and are not intended for people wishing to grow a fungus on their own. 
  • Subject to availability. Stocks for each country are limited and are split according to population per country and expected demand.
  • Available free to successful teams. Success is determined by the following:
    • Applicant's proposal for sharing their growing experience with others.
    • The extent to which applicants will engage Grow Wild’s target beneficiary audiences: children aged 5-11 years old, young people aged 12-25, adults disengaged from nature, and disadvantaged adults living in or near an area within the top 30% of the national Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD).
    • Date of submission, i.e. first come first served.
    • Successful team leaders will be notified before the end of November 2021. Unsuccessful team leaders will be notified at the same time.
  • Larger than some letterboxes, so successful team leaders will need to be aware of this at point of despatch.
  • Subject to change where items may differ from that advertised across promotional material and online.
  • Not to be sold, used as competition prizes, or otherwise given in exchange for goods or services.
  • Not to be promoted or advertised on freebie websites.
Fungus Lab Team Leaders are required to:
  • Be 18 years of age or over (although the rest of the team does not need to be! be! In fact, we encourage you to involve young people and children).
  • Ensure that the information and delivery address supplied in the Grow Wild application form is accurate. Grow Wild is not responsible for any inaccurate or unsuccessful deliveries.
  • Take responsibility for the health and safety of their group members when carrying out activities using the kit.
  • Complete the necessary Under 16 Photo Consent Form or Adult (16+) Photo Consent Form as advised in Grow Wild’s photography policy when taking photographs of any other people participating in Grow Wild activities.
Grow Wild:
  • Reserves the right to withdraw or amend this promotion at any time. Notification will be made on the Grow Wild website.
  • Does not guarantee that Fungus Lab applicants who apply using the Grow Wild application form will receive a Fungus Lab.
  • Does not guarantee that the fungus will successfully grow into a mushroom.
  • May contact Fungus Lab applicants via email to share fungus growing information, to take part in promotional activities, and to complete evaluation surveys.