Using my fungus lab

Grow Wild Fungus Lab 2019Congratulations on being part of the biggest fungus growing campaign the UK has ever seen!

You should have everything you need in your lab, however there's only so much we can fit on one box, so here you will find links to other things you may find useful.

Mycelium packet

two plastic packets with brown grain inside covered in white fluff

This is where your fungus growing begins. The brown bits in the packet are organic wheat grain, which are used as a carrier for the microscopic fungal mycelium. The grain also helps to feed it until transferred to the straw, which is a much richer source of nutrients.

This mycelium, or spawn, is essentially mould. However, the white fluff isn't mouldy, promise! In this packet is a living breathing fungus and as it breathes it heats up, like we do. There is a small risk your mycelium may have got too hot on its journey to you. If there is a green tinge to your white fluff, get in touch and we will try to help.

Remember: your Fridge Monitor in Chief will need to put the packet in the fridge (or other cold place) until it is ready to be dispersed in the pasteurised straw!

Fungus films

Watch how each stage of the growing process should be done.

Job descriptions

If you haven't yet allocated roles, use our quiz to help your team work out where they're best suited. And here's more about each role, and how they reflect stages in the lifecycle of your fungus:

Wall planner

Download, print and put up on the wall to keep everyone updated on how you're doing!

(If you're part of a Battle team, we recommend downloading two of the Team vs team planners, as it's harder to fit all 4 teams on one sheet)

Educational resources

Suitable for a range of ages and group sizes these resources will teach you more about the lifecycle of a fungus and explain why fungi are so important for our planet, how they could help solve environmental issues, and even how we depend on fungi for lots of our favourite foods (many more than you might expect).

Fun activities for the 4 week fungus gap

Ideas to fill the gap and keep your team members motivated. Here are some creative things to do while you’re waiting for those mushrooms to start growing…

Filming your experiences

Calling all budding film-makers - we're inviting you to share your experiences as part of an end of campaign movie that shows what happens when thousands of people giving fungus growing a go.

Read our guide on what you need to do, and suggestions for how.

You can also get advice from the experts on our page How to Take Great Fungus Photographs.

Printable instructions

If you need to print out spare or larger-size growing instructions for your fungus, download them here:

Harvesting your oyster mushroom

Find out when you can tell the right time to cut and eat (harvest) your oyster mushroom.