Vice-President of Fungal Hydration

A man in a transparent plastic poncho holding a small turquoise watering can

Job title: Vice-President of Fungal Hydration

Department: Food and farming

Reports to: Chief Executive of Fungus Growing

Job summary

As the Vice-President of Fungal Hydration, your job is to keep the fruiting fungus moist, to encourage mushroom growth. This happens quite late on in the growing process, however it is most important if your team wants to produce lots of mushrooms, as a hydrated mushroom is a thriving mushroom.

Duties & responsibilities

  • After your fungus kit has spent its 2 days in the fridge, you will need to slit the plastic bag open, while still in the kit.
  • Find a bottle that is the right size for the spray attachment and fill it with water.
  • Twice a day you will need to spray the fungus; you want to keep it moist but not too wet. Don't let it dry out or mushrooms won't appear!
  • From this point on it could take anywhere from 4 days to a few weeks for your mushrooms to appear, so you will need to liaise with the Chief Executive to decide the point at which your team will end your challenge and enjoy a nice sit-down meal featuring your very own mushroom.
  • Take an active and constructive role in the team. This could include: helping to name your fungus once the mushroom starts growing; sharing photos and thoughts online; picking up the slack if any team members need a helping hand.

The science bit

Mushrooms have a high water content and so it is important to provide sufficient moisture when they are actively growing.

In the wild

Mushrooms can be found in all habitats where there is sufficient moisture. This is usually obtained from rain, but underground water and dew are also important. If the young mushrooms become too dry during development they may stop growing and wither away. In Britain there is peak of wild mushrooms (a flush) following the autumnal rains and a lesser-known smaller flush involving fewer species towards the end of spring.

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