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Thank you for your interest in our creative projects, applications have now closed.

If you submitted an application, please visit our 'what's happening next?' page, for the lastest update on our creative projects and COVID-19.

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Participant spray painting a wildflower mural

Would you like to...

Show off your creative skills or try out something new?

Do something good in your community?

Develop communication skills and confidence with new people?

Add to your portfolio or CV?

Learn why UK native plants and fungi are brilliant for the environment?

Bring your friends along on the journey?                              

Apply by 30th March 2020  

It’s all about our incredible UK native plants and fungi.

Not only are they colourful and amazingly varied, they’re really important to our lives and the natural world. They provide food and shelter for pollinators, contribute to medicine and have even inspired magical myths and legends! You can find out more on our wildflower and fungi pages.

We’d like you to come up with a creative idea to celebrate and share why UK native plants and fungi are so special.

You’re free to decide how…

It really is up to you!

Tell me more…

Grow Wild will give you a £500 grant to fund your creative project, plus lots of support
along the way.

  • You might decide to create visual art through painting or photography.
  • Maybe music, poetry or dance are more your thing?
  • How about transforming a space in your community?
  • Or even designing your own fashion collection?

The possibilities are endless…

Pick something you enjoy doing, involve other people and let your imagination run riot!

Don’t forget…it’s all about native UK plants and/or fungi, so make them the star of the show.

Spoiler alert: you’ll need a Supporting Organisation to receive the funding on your behalf. For more information check out our how to apply below.

Call or text Chloe (Mon-Fri) on 07826 873 421, or call 020 8332 3759
or email [email protected] .

Which £500 grant would you like?

We've created a handy flow chart to help you decide which opportunity is best for you...

Grow Wild Flow Chart

1. Apply to run your creative project if you’re aged 14-25 and living in the UK

Apply to be creative with other people where you study, work or relax. Perform or transform anywhere in the UK. Read more in our guidance for applicants and Supporting Organisations . Once you're ready, apply with our online form.

One more thing. Don’t hold back! Use photography, music, drama, dance, film, visual arts, planting, experimenting, science and other interests; whatever inspires you.

2. Apply to join our London exhibition if you’re aged 18-25 and living in London

Apply to create an artistic wonder to exhibit at a new London landmark, the amazing skyscraper at 70 St. Mary Axe. You must be available on the 1st Oct 2020. Read more in our guidance for applicants and Supporting OrganisationsOnce you're ready, apply with our online form.

Remember, really flex those creative muscles! You can use photography, sculpture, collage product design; whatever inspires you and we can safely display.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Come up with a great idea for your creative project and London exhibit

Step 2: Find a Supporting Organisation to help you deliver the project (see guidance)

Step 3: Make a short video on your smartphone telling us about your idea

Step 4: Complete our online form by 1pm on 30th March

Grants will be paid in May if your application is successful.

You’ll need to finish your project by October 2020.


Give me inspiration

Certainly. We’ve funded and supported 258 young people to run their own creative project since 2014.

They’ve been brilliant. And 93% would recommend us too. They’ve brought together tens of thousands of people to take positive actions to safeguard nature and learn life skills.

 “We’ve belonged to something as part of a bigger picture and because everybody’s ideas were listened to, it gave us confidence.”

Check out some of their projects:

  1. Esther and the eco-youth forum in Macclesfield engaged hundreds of people in making eco-bricks. Together they created an amazing wildflower planter.
    Eco-bricks wildflower youth project - Macclesfield 2019
  2. Noah used his funding to create a children's corner in a community cafe, connecting people to wildlife and nature.
    Noah's Hedgerow Conservation Project - Birstall 2019
  3. Isa and his team at the Yusuf Youth Initiative used their funding to connect people with Scotland’s indigenous and natural foods.
    There's a Weed in my Soup! Dundee project 2019

There are stories on our blog too.

For example: Cardiff Met natural dyeEdinburgh Green RoomCatherine’s success in Dunclug Primary SchoolAmber’s allotment photographyAlina’s photography exhibition; and Luisa’s wildflower meadow in Mold.

Groups have also taken over national exhibition spaces in Scotland and Wales to display and perform their work.

Find out why UK native plants and fungi are so amazing…

Why wildflowers matter

Why fungi matter

Girls creating wildflower art

Want to talk through some ideas?
Call or text Chloe (Mon-Fri) on 07826 873 421, or call 020 8332 3759
or email [email protected]

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