What it means to Grow Wild

Grow Wild transforms spaces and changes lives through UK native plants and fungi.

We believe that simple acts of creativity can turn spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wildlife havens; encouraging people to care for and delight in the nature around them. Find out more about our mission and impact.

There are six main areas of activity:

Community projects

Each year Grow Wild funds around 50 community group projects across the UK that engage hundreds of people in the joy of plants and fungi in their local area.

So far, we’ve funded over 250 community-led projects with training, support and up to £4,000 each. Through these projects we have reached thousands of people, often in poor or deprived areas, engaging them in the beauty and value of the nature around us.

Summary of Community Project impacts

Download Community Projects impact summary (PDF)

Seed kits

Over the last five years, Grow Wild has distributed millions of wildflower seeds to people across the UK. Some of these have been in individual seed packets; others have been part of seed ‘kits’ for groups to transform local spaces.

Grow Wild invites people to apply for a seed kit to transform an urban or unloved space: getting their friends, colleagues, neighbours, students or new groups together to create pockets of wild beauty for the benefit of their community.

Download Seed kits impact summary (PDF)

Fungus kits

In 2018, Grow Wild gave people across the UK the chance to apply for a free fungus kit to grow with friends, family or colleagues.

Fungi matters hugely to UK biodiversity and wildlife habitats, but it is misunderstood and often under-appreciated. Grow Wild hopes to raise both understanding and the profile of fungi, as a fundamental part of the natural world we need to cherish and protect.

To encourage as many people as possible to engage with each kit, we have created job roles that reflect the different stages of the growth of a fungus, for example the “Chief Executive of Fungus Growing” and the “Fridge Monitor in Chief”. These are accompanied by job descriptions that explain how the activity with the kit relates to the experience of fungi in the wild.

Download fungus kits impact summary (PDF)

Youth projects

Grow Wild funds around 50 young people aged 12–25 each year to produce a creative project inspired by wildflowers or fungi. This is a youth-led process, where those involved decide which projects go forward, including projects showcased at special events.

So far we’ve funded over 150 youth-led projects with training, support and £500 each. You can read their stories here.

Summary of Youth Project impacts

Download Youth Projects impact summary (PDF)

Digital campaigns

Grow Wild uses digital campaigns to spread the message about plants and fungi, often creating an initial experience for someone to then go on to engage with and appreciate the natural world.

The Grow Wild website is a treasure trove of videos and stories that celebrate plants and fungi and encourage visitors to take action on and offline.

Browse the Grow Wild blog and social media using the hashtag #GrowWild.

Summary of digital engagement stats

Events and festivals

Grow Wild takes part in events across the UK to raise its profile and engage more people. These are often festivals and other large-scale events aimed at young people and those that may have no idea how UK native plants and fungi are relevant to them.

Everybody is invited to Grow Wild. We'd love to hear from you!