Youth Project Grants 2021, Guidance for Applicants

Girls creating wildflower artFollow our simple steps and apply for a project grant from Grow Wild.

Please note this grant opportunity has now closed, so we are no longer accepting applications.

This page explains everything involved. Don’t forget to also visit our guidance for Supporting Organisations  and Youth Project Grants 2021 main page

1. Check out when everything will be happening
  • The deadline for applications to be submitted is 10am on Monday 17th May 2021.
  • Successful projects will be able to start in June and need to be completed by the end of October 2021.

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2. Read up on what we're looking for

We’re inviting young people aged 14-25 from across the country to…

Come up with a project idea to celebrate and share why UK native plants and/or fungi are so special.

We’re looking for…

  • Projects that focus on UK native plants and/or fungi.
  • Projects that will get other people involved in some way.
    You should aim to share your project with a minimum of 100 people
    This may sound like a big number, but it’s not too difficult to achieve using online channels.

    We’ll be looking to see how other people will benefit from your project idea, so think about the positive impact your project can have.
  • Projects that will make good use of the £500 grant.
    Consider what you will need to buy or pay for if your application is successful. This can include any equipment or materials, training or expert help you need. Tell us about this when you make your application. Please note that the grant can’t be used to pay yourself a wage/salary.
  • Projects with wow-factor – be original and come up with something exciting!

Important: You’ll need permission from the landowner if your project involves any activity taking place in a public area.

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3. Find a suitable Supporting Organisation

You must nominate a youth, community or education-focused organisation to support you with your project. Think about any organisations you are already connected with or based in your community.

Your Supporting Organisation will play an important role, helping you with the running of your project and holding the £500 grant on your behalf. Money cannot be placed in personal bank accounts or private business bank accounts. 

When seeking support from an organisation, show them the Guidance for Supporting Organisations, so they know what’s expected of them. Make sure you read this too, for more details about which organisations are eligible.

Talk through your project ideas and work with your Supporting Organisation to make sure you can complete your project safely (more details coming below).

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4. Plan for Covid-19

Getting people together in person remains quite tricky, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's likely that social distancing rules will continue for some time.

Because of this, we ask that you only plan project activities that can easily work with social distancing.

If/when restrictions are eased in future, you may be able to include a wider range of activity. But it's best to plan cautiously at the outset.

We encourage you to see this as a chance to be inventive and think of new ways to share your project safely.

Here's a few ideas to get you thinking...

  • Can you share what you are doing online, so people can get involved with your project wherever they are? Maybe through videos, a blog or newsletter?
  • 2020 was a difficult year for many people, can you think of a creative way your project could bring some joy to people in your community during 2021? Maybe something they can take part in from home? Or enjoy when they go out for a walk?
  • Having to spend more time at home has made it harder for some people to connect with nature. Is there a way your project could safely help people to reconnect with and experience the natural world?

Writing a Covid-19 safety plan

Every successful project will need to create a Covid-19 safety plan. Please don’t worry about this plan – it doesn’t need to be long or complicated.

We simply ask that you work with your supporting organisation to plan and write down how you will complete your project safely, sticking to all the Government rules and restrictions.
You don’t need to send Grow Wild a copy of your Covid-19 safety plan when you apply. But if your application is successful, we could ask to see the plan at a later date.

To help, we've put together a list of some key things to consider, as a starting point for your conversations.

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5. Make a two minute video, to tell us about your plans 

Your video should be no longer than two minutes. That’s it! 

You don’t need any fancy equipment for this – just a mobile phone is fine. We’re interested in your project ideas, not your film making skills, just present the information clearly.

  1. Give your project a name.  
  1. Explain your idea and why you want to do it. 
  1. How will it celebrate UK native plants and/or fungi? 
  1. Where will you complete your project? 
  1. Who will you involve, what will they do or experience? 
  1. What will you use the £500 for?  

When your video is ready, include a link to it when completing the application form. Make sure the link is enabled for Grow Wild to view.

If using a video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo, make sure your video is not publicly discoverable. Only share the link with people who need to see it.

If you or any young people in the video application are under 18, a parent/guardian must give consent for taking part

If making a video is difficult for you, please contact Grow Wild and let us know. We’re pleased to offer an alternative for those who have specific access needs.

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6. Complete and submit your application by 10am on Monday 17th May

Fill in the online form, including the link to your video. 

  • You’ll be asked to give contact details for you and your Supporting Organisation. Ask your contact at the Supporting Organisation to help.  
  • We will include you and your nominated Supporting Organisation in all communications about your application and project.  
  • If you are under 18 years old, please make sure that you have permission from your parent or guardian to do your project, create and send your application video. 

After you apply, applications are assessed by The Grow Wild Youth Panel - a group of young volunteers. The panel members are trained to assess applications and will together decide which projects receive funding.

Very best of luck!

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Where next?

Read our guidance for Supporting Organisations
Complete and submit your application form by 10am on Monday 17th May
Go back to the Youth Project Grants 2021 main page.