Grow wildflowers with us this Spring!

Do you want to apply for a wildflower seed kit, learn about Spring sowing and how to transform a shared space with UK native wildflowers? You're in the right place! Fill in our form below and in March 2019 we'll take you on a growing journey.

It only takes a moment and, with a bit of good fortune, your home, school, workplace or community group will have more colour and wildlife next Spring and into Summer. Find out more.

Who you are

We will try to provide you with additional advice and resources, depending on your level of experience.
You must be 16 or over to take part in this campaign.

We require the following information as it helps us and the Big Lottery Fund know who we’re reaching. This information will not be shared with third parties.

The lovely people you'll grow with

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We will try to provide you with additional advice and resources, depending on their experience.

Where you'll be sowing wildflowers

By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have permission to access and transform this space. So make sure you have it!

This is to be sure we are sending the right seeds to the right part of the UK. Our seeds are native to their country of origin and must be grown in that country.
(If your space falls into more than one category select the one where you plan to sow most of your seeds).
We will use this information to work out how much wildflower seed to send you.

Your address details

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Tell us more about your exciting plans!

Our aim is to connect people with nature and each other through growing UK native wildflowers, particularly in shared, urban spaces. Now is your chance to let us know a bit more about your exciting plans!

Nearly there! Just a few formalities to go...

By submitting this form, you consent to us using your details to provide you with information about sowing wildflower seeds in Spring 2019, finishing in Autumn 2019. If you are chosen to receive a free set of seeds, your details will be passed to a third party for despatch; they will not be used for any other purpose.

Phew, you're finished! Thank you for the time you have spent on this. We're very much looking forward to helping you sow wildflowers.