About our kits

Our kits have brought together over a million people through sowing and growing native wild flowers.

Every year, we work with over 200 partner organisations across the UK to invite their networks of small groups to apply for free kits.

These partners are varied and diverse, enabling us to engage with a huge variety of people.

Read more about our 2014-16 kits and their impacts (link opens PDF).

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Grow Wild is working with specially selected groups in 2017 to transform shared spaces into colourful and inspiring wild flower havens.

Groups who receive our 2017 kits are in for a treat. We’re trying out new things, including a new fungus kit and ways to collect and share seeds.

We’ll also have five exciting new wild flower seed mixes for groups to explore, and the chance for every group member to get involved and tell us what they think.

But we’re not giving too much away, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise!  

If your application for a Grow Wild kit was successful you can expect to receive it by the end of March 2017. 

Missed out? You can still become a Grow Wilder as there are lots of ways to get involved online and where you live, and many more exciting things coming up this year, so come back soon. 

Got a question? Please visit our kit terms and conditions and read our FAQs.

Wellbeing and seed kits

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Last updated 13 March 2017