Our scale and impact

Our mission 

Grow Wild brings people together to value and enjoy UK native plants and fungi.

We inspire millions of positive actions for our future environment by enabling new learning, community connections and wellbeing benefits.

Who’s Grow Wild?

Grow Wild is the national outreach learning initiative of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Kew is a world leader in science and education. Its vision is a world where plants and fungi are understood, valued and conserved – because all our lives depend on them.

Grow Wild is integral to Kew’s strategic priorities as it engages new audiences outside of Kew’s two botanic gardens. We’re part of Kew’s Learning and Participation team. This team engages audiences with Kew’s science collections and horticulture through formal and informal learning programmes and community engagement.

Grow Wild is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and through private donors and corporate sponsors. We deliver scale, impact and profile for businesses and charitable funders. Please get in touch to discuss how our proven and flexible models can meet your objectives.

We’re also supported by our lively partnership network. This includes charities, youth groups, local authorities, education groups, health providers, social housing landlords, businesses and central Government. Plus the UK's social change broadcaster, Together TV. Please get in touch to discuss mutual benefits and promotions.

What’s Grow Wild achieved so far?

Since 2013, over four million people have joined Grow Wild online and on-the-ground. We’ve won multiple national awards for our scale, impact and creativity.

Children, young people and adults across the UK have achieved positive behavioural change for the environment after leading their own Grow Wild activities, as shown by independent evaluation.

Together, we’ve delivered new appreciation for UK native plants and fungi through growing and sharing, plus new community and wellbeing benefits. This impact is lasting too, with most people attributing Grow Wild as their catalyst for taking more positive actions years after taking part. Overall, 95% of participants would recommend Grow Wild activities.

Grow Wild was publicly voted the UK’s Best Environment Project in the National Lottery Awards on BBC1. The team has also built intellectual and digital assets and engaged community networks.

Read our case studies here.Grow Wild output summary

Where does Grow Wild focus?

Grow Wild activities inspire people to grow together, learn about nature and give back through volunteering; all of which improve wellbeing and transform urban spaces.

Our target audiences are children, young people and adults, especially those unengaged with nature and living in urban and disadvantaged areas.

We focus on UK native plants – especially wildflowers because their species are declining due to habitat loss. Wildflowers are also perfect for introducing people who haven’t sown seeds before to the joys of growing, pollinators and the vibrancy of nature.

Grow Wild also focuses on UK fungi because they’re vital to biodiversity, but often under appreciated. Grow Wild is raising the understanding of and profile of fungi as a fundamental part of the natural world we need to cherish and protect.

Without the UK’s plants and fungi, there would be less colour in our lives and less food and shelter for bees and other wildlife. Grow Wild creates opportunities for people to discover the importance of native species in their own lives, while also building community connections and enhancing wellbeing.

How can I take positive actions?

For individuals and groups, opportunities are announced on the Grow Wild website.

Please sign up to our e-newsletter and look out for posts on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You may also hear from us direct or through one of our wonderful partner organisations.

Click here to discover Grow Wild activities running online and near you across the UK. Our activities include wildflower seed kits; youth-led projects; grow-your-own fungus kits; networking and training events; and digital engagement.

Recently, we’ve also funded community-led projects, shared wildflower seed packets; and attended events and festivals.

Have ideas? Please email hello@growwilduk.com with ways for Grow Wild to engage new audiences, especially those with less access to and interest in nature.

Grow Wild Achievements infographic