Youth Project Funding Open

Are you 14-25 and want to flex your creative skills? 

Then we’re offering you the chance to apply for £500 to lead a project that celebrates UK native wildflowers and fungi in exciting and engaging ways.

That’s because at Grow Wild we’re all about UK native wildflowers and fungi. They’re amazing and beautiful, even mind-blowing! Wildflowers support our pollinators, but the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower habitat since the 1940s. We are also only just beginning to find out all the amazing things that Fungi can do. Scientists estimate that 95% of all plants rely on fungi to survive and thrive and they have saved countless human lives. Both wildflowers and fungi play an important part in the complex web of life within our natural world.

Our challenge is to make everyone else as passionate as us… and that’s where you come in!

We want your project to reach and inspire lots of people in your school, youth group or community. You can use visual art, music, poetry, dance, or theatre… whatever it is that you and your friends are good at. Use your imagination; the more creative the better!

Why should I apply?

  • Improve your C.V. or personal statement.
  • Make a stronger connection with your community.
  • Gain independence and develop new skills.
  • Raise awareness about wildflowers and fungi.
Sounds great! Tell me more…

We’ve made it easy for you to apply. Just follow our four step approach:

Step 1: Come up with your great project idea!
Step 2: Find a Supporting Organisation to help you deliver the project
Step 3: Make a short video application on your phone and upload it securely
Step 4: Complete our online form, including a link to your video

For more information on how to apply, head on over to our guidance for applicants.

Don't have a Supporting Organisation?

It’s easy to find a local Supporting Organisation. It could be your school, university, youth club or a local community group.

For everything you need to know about who your Supporting Organisation can be, read our information for supporting organisations.


When’s the deadline?

Our Youth Project funding is part of a rolling programme, which means you can apply at any time. However, there are set points during the year when applications are reviewed.

A panel of young people from across the UK will meet at each point to decide which projects to fund.

To have your application assessed at the next panel meeting (Winter 2018), please apply by:

Midday on Friday 30 November

Future panel dates:

  • Winter 2018; Application deadline Friday 30 November 2018
  • Spring 2019; Application deadline Monday 1 April*
  • Summer 2019; Application deadline TBC*

*There is a possibility that all of the funding may be allocated before the spring or summer panels if we receive a high number of great applications, so get your application in early to avoid missing out!

If successful, you and your Supporting Organisation will be asked for a few simple documents, and then receive funding about four weeks after this date.

Projects can start as soon as you receive the £500 grant. All projects should be completed within six months of the date you receive the grant and no later than Friday 25 October 2019.

I’m in, but I need some inspiration…

Read all about the projects we've funded in the past.

Two young boys making music with a guitar and a drum with plants in containers behind them

a group of young people with paint overalls and brushes standing in a brick alleyway

Are you a ‘funguy’?

(sorry, bad joke, we won’t do it again!)

We’re especially keen to hear from someone who wants to do a project inspired by fungi.

Did you know that all our lives are dependent on fungi? Read why fungi matter, or sit back and enjoy rap poet Mark Grist explaining why fungi are so important.

Speak to the team…

South England (includes all southern counties up to and including West Midlands, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Peterborough)

North England (includes all northern counties down to and including Shropshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire)

*If you email [email protected], please indicate your location to ensure the right Engagement Manager gets back to you



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